Propelogy offers tailored presentations and workshops for optimal performance in the daily workplace, and in educational settings to:

  • Enhance mental wellbeing
  • Foster a happier, healthier and more motivated team
  • Promote positive impact on productivity
  • Increase work attendance
  • Reduce job stress and pave the way for greater employee retention and engagement effective team building tool.

Propelogy’s presentations and workshops help to fuel the understanding and awareness of:

  • The benefits of different kinds movement
  • How movement enhances cognitive functions
  • How emotional literacy is intertwined throughout in order to enhance self-awareness and confidence.

Propelogy is based on three simple concepts: movementcognition and emotional literacy. You may be surprised to find out how emotional literacy is intertwined throughout our every movement and cognition and has the great power to enhance our self-awareness and confidence.

Propelogy’s mission is to help you discover how the nature of movement can effect our presence and regulate our inner climate to promote peak performance. In addition Propelogy will customize a workshop or presentation to match your criteria. Please join me in exploring Propelogy and how movement effects our daily lives!