“As a healthcare leader, I appreciate the adaptability that Liz applies with her skillful coaching to serve different organizations under varied circumstances supporting both individual development and decision making.”

Beth Llewellyn

CEO, Health Care Access

Park Lockwood

Associate Professor or Kinesiology, College of Arts and Sciences

“Liz is energetic, knowledgeable, and fun.  She cares for people and helps provide insight into how you can recognize and use your many sensory systems to help manage yourself and your life.  I will continue to use this information in the classes that I teach and in my life in general.  The insight into various sensory systems has allowed me to utilize my sensory strengths and focus on improving the use of sensory systems that I tend to overlook.

“In Liz’s masterclass, I learned how to connect with my own unique sensory fingerprint. By connecting with my sensory fingerprint throughout the day, I routinely engage my body in activity to support my living practice to work through the triggers and shift back into nurturing living practice. Working with Liz, I tapped into using my sensory system to identify and move through triggers which supports my commitment to be an openhearted, graceful, and integrous educator.and executive training. What would be possible if you were to ramp up efficiency and make the most of your brainpower? To move your employees from tuned-out to highly-engaged with better results for your business without burn-out?”

Tammy Sage

Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto

Darrin Toonder

Los Angeles-Based Actor
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Denise Johnson

Assistant Director of Health & Wellness, Lawrence Public Schools, USD 497

Carl Zhang

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