ICF Credentials

When's the perfect time to snag an ICF credential? Right now!

Let’s face it, the requirements and financial commitment keep on increasing, and the demand for certified coaches is on fire. So why wait? Get that ICF credential under your belt ASAP.

But wait, there’s more! Starting August 2022, all applicants (except renewing ACCs) will have to take the proctored ICF Credentialing exam. Cue dramatic music. This updated test will have you flexing those coaching competencies like a boss. Oh, and did we mention it comes with an extra fee? But hey, can’t put a price on excellence.

Once your application gets the thumbs up, you’ll receive an email invite to take the three-hour “closed book” exam with 81 juicy scenarios waiting for you. You’ll have two minutes per scenario to pick out the best and worst answer from four options. For best outcomes, think client-centered, curious, and transparent. Steer clear of coach-centered, leading or biased answers – they’re not our cup of tea. Oh yeah, you will pass with at least 77%. No pressure.

Now here’s where it gets interesting – you can choose to take the exam in person or virtually (because why not?). Just make sure you have a solid three hours free (with one five-minute break) so you can focus without distractions when chasing after the coveted credential.

And don’t sweat it if nerves get the best of you – results are provided within just 24 hours! But if lady luck isn’t on your side and a retake is necessary…well let’s just say it’ll cost you $105.”

Check out the  ICF Credentialing exam (plus sample questions)

Well, technically you can! The CQ Coaching Certificate™ 20 Coach Education hours are approved by the ICF CCE, plus you get an extra 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. That’s a total of 30 hours towards your initial credential portfolio application. Score!

“By conquering the 12 reports that prove you’ve devoured the materials, skillfully outlined your implementation strategy, and showcased your Cultural Intelligence in your Coaching Recordings during the program, plus attending a one-of-a-kind alumni/participant Zoom session, you’ll earn yourself the prestigious Culturally Intelligent Coaching™ Certificate. And to top it off, after completing your 10 Mentor Coaching hours, you’ll boast a total of 30 impressive hours – 26 in Core Competency and 4 in Resource Development – making you stand out in a sea of coaches.”

Just because there are 37 markers in the ICF Performance Assessment at the PCC level doesn’t mean you need to hit them all. As long as coaches can demonstrate a solid number of behaviors overall and within each competency area (3-8), they’re good to go. For example, for Marker 7.6 on closed vs. open questions, a coach just needs to show they can ask mostly open questions. The final scores are based on the candidate’s overall skill showcased in each competency area and then averaged out for their ultimate score.”

“Looking for a unique selling point and extra ICF CCEs? You’ll get both, totaling up to 30 credits, when you join our Culturally Intelligent Mentor Coaching + Certificate program.
Boosting your cultural intelligence not only sets you apart in the market, but also leads to more impact with clients. As one of our program participants’ clients put it: “I feel truly heard and understood, which has helped me confidently achieve my goals and vision.” (As cited in Forbes’ “The Question that Changes Everything”). Our program’s effectiveness is also recognized in the updated ICF competencies.

Don’t just take our word for it – major players like PWC have incorporated CQ (cultural intelligence) as a core behavior. And according to research by Ang, Van Dyne, & Rockstuhl, 90% of top executives from 68 countries agree that intercultural skills are crucial for success in today’s global and diverse business environment.
In fact, the American Management Association even calls it the “#1 Predictor of Success”! So what exactly is cultural intelligence? It’s about recognizing and truly understanding different cultures.”